The following are the liner notes from
D is For Dumptruck

What can I say about D is for Dumptruck? It was 20 friggin years ago. I was young and it was all exciting and edgy to me. Id only recorded once before in a studio and that was hardly a studio, more like a garage with a 4-track in it. So this was my first experience in a real recording studio, in all its 8-tracks of glory. But hey, that was twice the tracks as before and this had a proper control room and tracking room.
   Seth and I pooled some songs together, got our friend Mark Mulcahy (Seth and I both played with Mark before, in Saucers and Stray Divides), rehearsed a couple of times, and went in and recorded six songs, demos really more than anything else. We were happy with the results so decided to do another six (this time with drummer James Clements) and call it a record, yeah record, vinyl baby, no stinkin c.d.s yet. Seth and I played bass on each others songs, which is how we would tackle the songs live in this incarnation of the band, so we were a three piece at that point, duo really as we had no committed drummer.
   We put the record out on Marks Incas label and the rest is history, so to speak. An A-review of the record in the Village Voice and a CBGBs show with the Replacements during CMJ really got the ball rolling, and rolling pretty well. And as I said before, the rest is history.

   - Kirk Swan 2003

Notes on the Extra Tracks:

   Thanksgiving was recorded as a one-off for a Throbbing Lobster compilation record, and was the first recording we made with Shawn Devlin on drums and Steve Michener on bass.    Watch Her Fall, Repetition, Things Go Wrong, and How Come are from a 1986 CBGBs show which was recorded live on their in-house 16-track deck, and features Spike Priggen and Shawn Devlin on bass and drums.

   - Seth Tiven 2003