The following are the liner notes from
Positively Dumptruck

So this was a big step for us. A record label was paying for the recording and we were going to Mitch Easter’s legendary Drive In studio in Winston-Salem to record with Don Dixon, of then recent REM fame. And this time around we had our full line-up, which included Steve Michener (once penned the mighty mauler) on bass and Shawn ‘King’ Devlin on drums. If I clear my mind and think of the things that stand out the most about this record for me some odd ones creep up.
   The week before we were to leave all of our gear was submerged in two feet water due to our flooded rehearsal space. Fortunately we were able to salvage most of the gear, thanks to a few sunny days and a few hairdryers. The sight of all our gear spread out on our friend's lawn to dry in the sun is still etched in my mind. Etched in my mind also are the words of Don Dixon when describing Secrets. When describing the bass sound the words I heard out of his mouth were “now that’s got some meat hangin’ off it.” And of the groove on the bridge of Secrets the words ‘I can see them doing the hippie waddle on this one.’ This was also my introduction to, as I would discover later, the common practice of a drummer groaning along to the tune while drumming. It was not the last time I’d experience that one however. This was a fun record to do and I look back on it fondly, little did I know it would by my swan song (yeah, pun intended) as far as recording in Dumptruck went.

   - Kirk Swan 2003

Notes on the Extra Tracks:

   From Where I Stand and Will It Happen Again were recorded at the Drive In with Don Dixon, but didn’t make it on the original LP (the original CD of Positively Dumptruck was not released until over a year after the vinyl release and included From Where I Stand). Carefree, Bound to Happen, Friends and Movies were recorded as demos in 1986 at the original Fort Apache studio in Boston (engineered by Sean Slade). The original 8-track masters were transferred to computer and mixed by Marty Lester in September 2003 at Tequila Mockingbird Studios – Austin,TX. The only change in the lineup for that session was that Spike Priggen had replaced Steve Michener on bass.

   - Seth Tiven 2003